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Wet Season Can Cause Damage

This unusual wet season means there could be water damage in and around your home right now. If you’ve noticed any cracks in your concrete or the driveway draining away from the foundation, it is time to call and check it out.

When old concrete is cracked, the water and heat can make the cracks wider and deeper, damaging the foundation even more than before. Also check for unleveled patios. Dirt is unsteady and after going through periods of droughts, pockets can form in the dirt. There are a lot of liability issues nowadays, so take precautions to avoid someone falling on your property.
Weather experts are forecasting a very cold, wet winter this year, so it’s best to get your foundation checked up and sealed now. If you haven’t had any water damage yet, you should look around your foundation and see if there are any cracks that are starting to form.
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