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You have questions — we have answers. Get answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

  1. When is the best time of year to pour concrete?Ideally, the winter time is the best.  As long as the temperature is at least 25 degrees and rising, concrete will be just fine.  When temperatures are extremely cold or hot additives can be added to compensate for the extremely cold or hot.
  2. I noticed that my patio has a small crack forming. I thought that it would be a long time before it would crack.Well try as it may be to explain, concrete does start to crack as it is poured and set.  If the ground under it shifts or swells, then the concrete will crack.  The vast majority of the time, you cannot see the crack.  In rare instances, you may see a crack.  Sudden changes in temperature such as extreme heat and no rain (a drought) can break down the bond between the cement and the stone added.  If it is no wider than 1/8″ then a mortar caulk can be applied to keep moisture out.  If the crack is wider than 1/4″ then you need to have a professional look at it.
  3. Should I use wire mesh or rebar in the concrete?It all depends on what you are pouring.  If you are attaching a sidewalk to a patio, for instance, then you do need to have rebar drilled into the patio so that the concrete will set up better.
  4. I have little chips in my driveway.The salt that cities use on the streets and leaks of radiator fluid, oil and transmission fluid can erode the concrete on your driveway.
  5. Should I use someone who does work on the side from his regular job or is laid off?Should I use someone who does work on the side from his regular job or is laid off?  Well first of all, you should use someone who is licensed and bonded. If you hire someone who is not licensed, then you run into legal problems if your work is not up to city and/or county code and you do not have a permit, in a worst case situation, all of your work may have to be torn out and redone.  A lot of insurance companies do require a profeesional company to do the work, and which leads to my second point.  Is the individual or company bonded?  If some problems arise, your mortgage holder and/or insurance company may want some guarrantee that the property is repaired correctly.
  6. Will my insurance pay for a new patio or driveway?You should contact your insurance agent.
  7. How soon can I drive on my new driveway? You need to wait 5 days.