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Enjoy the Cooler Weather with Some New Outdoor Additions!

Fall is a great time for home additions

Enjoy the cooler weather with some new outdoor additions! It’s a great time for barbequing, playing sports and holding family gatherings without worrying about the sun beating down on us anymore. So, how about some new outdoor foundations? With cooler weather being the best time to put in concrete, now is the perfect time to start on those projects you’ve been thinking about.

Whether you have an old patio or no patio at all, we can design the right patio for you and your family to enjoy. It is important though to think about where you want it to be because once it’s down, it’s down. You don’t want to make the decision hastily; it’s an important addition to your house.

Another addition that you might consider, especially if your child is going out for the basketball in the fall, is a partial pad or a sports court for a basketball goal. Be sure to check when doing a partial pad that the area where you’re adding on to the driveway doesn’t have cracks though.

Lastly, safety is important. It is a good idea to check your front porch to make sure your steps are safe for kids and elderly to walk on. Halloween is coming up, and you don’t need someone coming to your house for what’s supposed to be a fun time and have it turn out to be a big mess with hospital bills to pay. If you have steps that are chipped or broken, someone’s foot could easily slip off, resulting in a sprained or even broken leg.

Keep in mind with all of this, if you are thinking about a project but aren’t sure about it yet, we offer free estimates year round.